Senior Rep Program

This program is perfect for the senior who has a passion for being present on social media and of course, likes to take photos! Being a Senior Rep means that you will get to be a part of not one, but TWO, senior sessions as well as a group photo shoot and have the opportunity to earn money! So what’s the catch you say? My senior reps must post their photos on social media to represent me – that’s it! Since you will be getting a kickback reward for every referral, this ends up working in your favor. Look below to see what’s included in this program and how to join! I already can’t wait to hang + snag some photos of you!  

the details

+ two 1.5 hour sessions

+ senior rep group photoshoot (includes all reps!)

+ unlimited outfits + locations

+ print release + digital downloads

+ senior rep gift bag

+ kickbacks for referrals ($25 for every referral)

+ must have strong social media presence (over 1500 followers)

+ limited positions available