Second Shooter Application

Hey there fellow photographers! I'm glad you're here!

I'm excited at the possibility of you joining me as a second shooter in my upcoming weddings. Wedding season is almost in full bloom and I am currently accepting second shooter applicants for some pretty incredible weddings. As a second shooter for Kayla Fisher Photography, you will gain experience and knowledge about the wedding photography industry, while getting paid to do so!

  Important details to note before applying -


  • A Great Attitude - This doesn't necessarily mean the most talkative or outgoing person. However, clients totally appreciate someone who is kind, genuine and easy-to-work-with! Your positivity helps make their big day even better, while making it fun and exciting for us as well! 
  • Experience - You must have a minimum of 2 years experience in digital photography and be proficient in shooting in manual mode. I will be able to teach you some tips + tricks I've learned over the years, however a full understanding of settings and how to use your camera in a fast-paced environment is mandatory. 
  • Equipment - You must own and operate a Canon body + at least one high-quality lens. Having multiple lenses and a flash is helpful.   

BRIef Job Description:

  • You are expected to arrive to the event 30 minutes prior to the start time and leave at your agreed upon end time
  • Capture images from various angles
  • Carry equipment from time to time
  • Assist with shot list organization throughout the night 
  • All editing will be done by Kayla Fisher


* Please note, permission for you to use the photographs that you shoot during these events varies from wedding to wedding. The option is given to each client to approve or disapprove your usage. It is specifically dependent upon the client's permission as to whether you can utilize these photos. If permission is granted by the client, your rights of usage are limited solely to use on your website. 


If you can check off all of these qualifications, then continue on down below! 

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